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Firstly you'll both need to be over the age of 18.

A Notice of Intended Marriage Form (NOIM) needs to be completed and your signatures need to be witnessed by an authorised person.

The form needs to be sent to the celebrant at least one month prior to the date of your wedding.
This form is valid for 18 months and is downloadable here.
If you are unable to view this form, Adobe Acrobat Reader is downloadable free from here.

The NOIM has to be signed by both parties intending to marry, and be witnessed by either:

  • An Authorised Celebrant

  • A Commissioner for Declarations

  • An Australian Consular Officer

  • An Australian Diplomatic Counsel

  • An Australian Justice of the Peace

  • An Australian Barrister or Solicitor

  • An Australian legally qualified Medical Practitioner

  • A member of the Australian Federal Police

  • A member of the Police Force of a State or Territory of Australia

  • A Notary Public

If you are completing the form outside of Australia, the witnesses has to be either:

  • An Australian Embassy Official

  • An Australian Consular Officer

  • A Notary Public


If you were previously married, and this marriage ended in divorce, you will need your original Divorce Certificate. If you cannot locate it, you need to apply to the Family Court where you were divorced for a new one.

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